Real Estate

It is critically important to understand how the real estate market is doing whether your a buyer or a seller.  Depending on the condition of the real estate market it will dictate how you act and react during the buying or selling process.

Of course the sellers market is beneficial to the seller.  As one party gains control of a market it means that they have a leg up on the other party.  As of today most of the markets I serve are in a sellers to hot sellers market. 

Sellers can be picky and demanding.  Many sellers find themselves with multiple offers with in days of listing.  If you give a seller a hard time during home inspection or have too many contingencies in your offer they will say step aside there are three more home buyers after you!!

Buyers need to be diligent about getting into the good properties and make split second decisions.  You may have to pay over asking as you find your one of many offers and give up normal contingencies in your purchase contract.  Be demanding on home inspection issues and you may be kicked to the curb. 

There will be very strong competition for good homes among home buyers and you need to be prepared to step up to the plate.

Alternately a Buyers Market puts home buyers in the drivers seat during offers and negotiations.  They can ask for contingencies and may insist on the inclusion of personal items.  When it comes to home inspections they may give you a laundry list of items to repair knowing if you don’t the next seller will.  Home buyers have choices and time there is not urgency to buy your home.

Home sellers will feel the need to meet the buyers demands as they usually they have their own timeline they want to meet.  There will be other homes that will suit the buyers needs and your house will not stand out.  You will have to meet your buyers demands.

A neutral market favors neither party and the spirit of negotiations really kicks in.   Neither party will feel like they are backed into a corner or feel particularly rushed in most circumstances.

Real state markets can be complicated and I can cover way more than I am covering in this article.  But I would like to cover a few points that home buyers and home sellers should be aware of about real estate markets.

Real estate markets are hyper local.  Different price points can be reacting differently even in the same hyper local market.  

Real estate markets are good for one day only.  Ok so this may be extreme but in general this statement can be true, a real estate market can turn on a dime.  We can have a very flat winter market than the spring hits and the market gets crazy! or vice versa.

Buyers and Sellers perception of the real estate market is usually lagging.  I find that buyers and sellers perception is based on data that is 6 months to a year old and see number 3!  Data gathered is generally a lagging indicator to begin with and most buyers or sellers rely on old information.
Understanding the real estate market your in is important.  The real estate market you are in will set the tone for your entire time in the real estate market.  I have had sellers in a buyer’s market expect to sell there house in 3 months…. listed to close, when the absorption rate is more like 7 months!  Understanding the market data helps give you a realistic perspective and provide a realistic plan.

You have no control of real estate market conditions.  Real Estate Markets are what they are, you can’t control them.  Nor should you try to time them, they are fairly unpredictable.  The time to buy or sell the time you need or want to buy or sell.  Waiting for a market to change can lead to trouble… serious trouble.
Nobody can predict where the market is headed.  Like the stock market no can really predict where the real estate market is headed over a period of time.  If you could there would be a ton of people getting rich.

Understanding the real estate market you are about to enter is critical in setting realistic expectations whether you are a buyer or seller.  It will dictate what you have ahead of you in buyer or seller expectations, how you look for homes, how you negotiate offers and home inspection issues. 

Since post World War ll the real estate market has been in a steady incline either matching or slightly beating inflation.  But during the incline it does cycle up and down.  Think of buying real estate in terms of decades and not two or three years.  The true benefit of owning a house is over time, seeing long term appreciation and paying down your house until you own it outright!

A good listing agent or a good buyer’s agent will educate you on current real estate market conditions and how to proceed pertaining to your specific needs and goals.